Baja Motorsports BE 500

I had to go get myself a voltmeter in order to repond to your question. I have checked the battery pack just as the charger shuts down and it shows 45-50V. I guess that's about right. It seems to be consistent in that range.

Baja Motorsports BE 500

I discovered that a lot of people have had trouble with the BE 500 charger not turning off with the result that the batteries got fried.
Mine wouldn't turn off either. I know nothing about electronics but took the cover off the charger to take a look. I discovered two little phillips screw heads. I thought they must adjust something. I fiddled with them and discovered that by turning one of them slightly, I could get the charger to shut off. Maybe an answer.<IMG_3680.JPG/>

Baja Motorsports BE 500

Just purchased a Baja Motorsports BE 500. I have noticed a lot of complaints about charging the batteries. I discovered, after trying unsuccessfully to recharge mine, that there is a Canadian version of the owners' manual onlne. It is almost identicle to the US version but it says,"make sure the MASTER SWITCH is turned ON when charging". This is the reverse of what it says in my manual. I tried it and the batteries immediately started to charge. Just thought I'd pass that on. I don't know how that important detail was overlooked. I hope it helps you out.

WANTED Peddles for scooter amd battery upgrade yes/no

WANTED: Peddles and peddle arms for electric scooter E-mail SILVERFL39@YAHOO.COM What does 408 mean? And has anybody added 2 more batteries to a 48volt system without any other mods for a total of 72volts? My controller says 600wats can it handle it? My batts. are 4 12volt 12 amphr. Or should I add 2 12volt 7amphr batts? Please help

course participation in 2012

I am interested in attending your training course on building my EV for personal use.However because I came across your site only tonight (app2330 hours)I'm unable to attend your September programme in 2011. I live in Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies,and plan to travel to New York in July 2012 .While there, I will then make arrangements to get to the area,in order to attend your training course in 2012 . Can you give me the dates and locations that you expect to schedule your course ,so I can make arrangements to attend one?. I will also like to know the approximate cost of a kit that will be required to convert a Datsun/Nissan B210/B310 sedan which I intend to use here in Trinidad.


the casing on my motor is stamped 48volts, my controller says it directs 21 volts to the motor, how can I direct additional voltage and amprage directly to the motor bypassing the controller on an on and off switch where I can use it for times extra power is needed such as going up hills, I would want protection for my motor but I am not adverse to rewinding my motor in a different configeration if it helps to keep it together.

Battery EXPERT needed

I have a 48v scooter that has 600w on the controller. What does that make the brushless hub motor? My batteries are 12v 12amp tab connectors. Are 14 and 20 ampers bolt conect only? I added another 12v 12amp batt.4 a total of 5 batts. How can I get more speed without doing any damage.


i have a virgin ecoped ode and would like to jump it up 24 volts. I would also like to know what type of battery to use, high amp low amp deep cycle marine, what can I use

evg ebike 24 volt battey box


I'm new here, and new to ebikes, so please be patient.

I purchased a Lee Iacocca 24-volt comfort e-bike, minus the battery and battery box. The seller of this bike promised me that although the batteries were dead, he would get me the battery box that holds them. That was a month ago. He's moved, and stopped returning my phone calls.
I took the bike to Ecobikes, as shop in my area. They tell me that they can re-wire it to bypass the need for a battery box, but that it would be much better if I had the box. I can't find one anywhere. Anyone have a suggestion?



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E&J 12V Lithium/LiFePO4 battery packs build in SLA cases to replace SLA batteries to use on UPS/electric scooters/golf trolley

E&J LiFePO4 battery packs,12V Lithium battery pack ,the good choice to replace SLA batteries to applicat on power tools, e-boats, e-scooters, HEVs, BEVs, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), electric medical devices, Portable PAPs, Solar energy, Wind power, military
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Although Lead-Acid batteries have been broadly accepted in various applications, and their cost is cheaper than Li-ion batteries, shouldn’t we be concerned about its efficiency, safety and pollution problems?

Now more and more customers considered the environmental problems, and began to choose LiFePO4 batteries to replace their

SLA batteries step by step. And this is the reason that E&J develop 12V LiFePO4 battery packs build in SLA cases to replace SLA/VRLA batteries which were widely used by customers from worldwide.

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