Series hybrid... suitable generator?

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Re: Series hybrid... suitable generator?

A 6,000 watt motor in a 2,500 pound car seems like a recipe for a dangerously slow TURTLE, with limited hill climbing capacity! Such a vehicle would have a maximum of 8 continuous horsepower, far too little to reach/sustain realistic highway speeds, and inadequate even for zero to 35 mph city driving type acceleration! A realistic and practical hybrid of this type would require a motor sufficient for attaining and maintaining highway speeds on an uphill run, into a headwind, of say, 40 mph--probaly would need at least 40 continuous horsepower,(or more) for 60 mph! To have unrestricted range, the generator would need to provide more power than is consumed at cruising speed, so over 30KW would be needed if 40 horsepower were to be maintained---Typically about 50 KW, requiring an engine of about 50 horsepower to turn it. The battery should be capable of discharge rates equal or greater than 150 kw, to allow for accelleration and passing power, using the electric motors PEAK power capabilities. (Unlike gasoline engines, many electric motors can provide 3 times rated horsepower for short periods without damage)--This would enable you to have the acceleration of a over 100 horsepower vehicle, while using only a 50 horsepower gasoline engine! Maximum range would be limited only by the gasoline supply, and electric-only range would depend on the battery size.-Bob


Robert M. Curry

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