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I am new to the group and have some questions on motor selection and motor specifications.

I am currently designing a 1/8 scale speeder or rail car. I have estimated the weight at 200lbs and the coeficient of friction between the aluminum rail and the steel wheels at .2.

When you go throught the calculations for passenger load track grade and etc. you come up with about .91 HP or 682 watts of power required at the motor(s).

Now the questions.

I am considering a motor that is marketed by All Electronics their part number DCM-1352
Is this a repitable company?
I contacted them for the availability of additional motor specifications. Because they deal in surplus equipment they have none.
They specify for the motor 350 watts, 2600 RPM, and 22AMP at 24 V DC.

Is this specification for the maximum safe operating point?
The 350 watts is this the watts of power at the motor shaft at 2600 RPM and 22 amp ?
Am I to assume higher loads would begin to cause the motor to over heat?
If 350 is a safe operating point then 2 motors would give me 700 watts whichwould meet my power requirements of 682 watts.


I will be looking for your comments.

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