New Zapino 2008. How do I access the batteries

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I just got a "demo" from Zap. First thing, even being very gentle. I have twisted the aluminum key. Who makes keys from aluminum anyway? I hope I can get a duplicate made. I had to take the front plastic off to get to the seat release which I have now routed for outside access. My original question is how to access the battery compartment to start the mods I've seen in this forum.

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Randy W
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Re: New Zapino 2008. How do I access the batteries

Hi Choppero,
Congratulations! Are you a Santa Rosan, as well? The original keys and locks are flimsy, and they know this. Hopefully, you can get the old piece out, and a copy made...
As far as accessing the batteries is conjcerned, below is a re-post a step-by-step from sgmdudley, originally from the "Zapino Owner Feedback" thread. Take it slow; there are lots of little plastic tabs that break.
Have fun,
Randy W

Sat, 05/10/2008 - 10:28 #70 .sgmdudley
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Nothing written down. This is from memory.
1) Remove rear rack (4 x 14mm bolts).
2) Remove left and right fenders (3 screws each side)Unplug turn signals.
3) Remove rear plastic (2 12mm bolts and two screws) You may have to remove the fake gas cap to get to the wiring going to the brake light asm.
4) Remove seat (2 12mm nuts)
5) Remove the front piece of plastic. (4 screws?) this is tough one as the fit of the seat hinge can impact removal.
This will give you access to the switch and 4 of the 5 batteries.
6) If you need to get to the lowest battery, then you need to remove the two side pieces below the floorboard (4 screws each side)caution, at the rear of the side pieces, there is a tab that will break off if not careful. Bring the front out first, then angle the sidepiece to unlock the tab.
7) Next remove the 4 12mm bolts from the floorboard.
8) Remove the two screws from the access cover for the DC - DC convertor and unplug the converter.
9) Under the floor board from each side is a screw holding the plastic belly pan up to the floor board.
10) Now for the tough part. The floorboard is the hardest part to remove. At the rear, the DC-DC converter box is up against the metal battery box. At the front are three large interlocking tabs to lock to the front vertical plastic piece. You can raise the rear to get the converter box past the battery box, then it takes some doing to get the front tabs unlocked. You may get some slack by removing the 3 screws on each side of the vertical piece (they screw into the front plastic molding that is the front of the scooter).
I hope this is all. There may be an extra screw here and there that I forgot. Just take your time. After the first go at it, you will be a pro.


Robert Dudley
E-Scoot Tech


Randy W
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Re: New Zapino 2008. How do I access the batteries

Wow that's a bunch of plastic to remove. Is this all necessary to access the wiring for the batteries? I want to add bank charging wiring.

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