Bionx Console Default Codes

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Hello. I was hoping somebody could help me out.

I have a PL350. It came with a non-throttle console. I just got my hands on a throttle console, which works. However, it has been reprogrammed and I find it way too sensitive / powerful.

The firmware on the throttle is 3.8, while my old console firmware is 4.1. Because it is 4.1, I can not get into the settings to check the default values.

Can somebody with a PL350 who has not changed their settings please check what their settings are:

In particular, settings:

1234, 0007 and 0008. I believe 0007 and/or 0008 have A and B settings (get to by using Chrono).


To enter the access section you push on MODE and CHRONO in same time.

2001: KM or Miles
2002: Generative Breaking
2003: Time last with the battery
2004: Clock
2005: Wheel size
2006: Programming brake sensor
2007: Polarity throttle (0-5volt or 5-0volt)

3771: wheel size
3772: diagnostic mode
3773: max speed
3775: throttle max speed
3776: Speed that motor will start
5000: Full reset - Put console in europian mode - not reversable
1976: motor direction
1234: sensor speed signal; 1= slow 5= fast
1970: Configuration activation backlight ad DCDC automatic
0007: Sensor signal gain, 0.1 to 4.0
0008: Configuration of extra assistance 1.0 to 4.0
0041: activation of the I2C

Error Code

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