SPA Francorchamps Qualifying Laps TTXGP EURO Championship 2011

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Ho Chi Fung rides one of the Zonghshen electric motorcycles, during 1st Qualifying session, at SPA Francorchamps, in Round 2 of the TTXGP EURO Championship 2011. The time for this lap was 3:15.119, but during the race, Ho Chi improved by several seconds to set a time of 3:09.819 at an average speed of 132.834Km/H

Matthias Himmelman rides the Munch Racing TTE Electric Motorcycle to 1st place during Round 2 of the TTXGP EURO Championship 2011 at the legendary SPA Francorchamps circuit in Belgium, setting a new Lap Record of 3:00.343 and 139.814Km/H. Matthias actually managed to go nearly 4 seconds faster in the Qualifying session, with a time of 2:56.604 and 142.774Km/H.

David Hallett rides the AGNI Motors X01 (2009 Isle of Man TTXGP winning machine) at SPA Francorchamps, during Qualifying for Round 2 of the TTXGP EURO Championship 2011. David managed a lap time of 3:18.950 at 126.807Km/H which put him 4th on the grid. In the race, David finished 4th with an improved lap time of 3:13.152 at 130.542Km/H

Riche Welsh rides the ARC Engineering EV1 Electric Motorcycle on a practice lap around the legendary SPA Francorchamps circuit in Belgium. Richie set a lap time of 3:15.879 during the Race, with an average speed of 128.724Km/H.

Alessandro Brannetti rides the CRP Racing eCRP 1.4 to 2nd place in round 2 of the TTXGP EURO Championship 2011, at the lengendary SPA Francorchamps circuit in Belgium. Lap time 3:07.750 at 134.298Km/H


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