Sevcon Millipak and MARS PMAC wiring help

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I picked up a Sevcon Millipak controller and a Mars PMAC motor to go along with it. I only need my go kart to move forward. Can anyone help me out with a layman's wiring diagram?

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Re: Sevcon Millipak and MARS PMAC wiring help

The way I understand Sevcon Millipak it is only meant for brushed "DC" motors or separately excited motors. Your MARS however APPEARS to be a permanent magnet alternating current (thus PMAC) motor, or better described as a permanent magnet synchronous motor. That motor requires a Sevcon Gen4 controller for example, with three output phases that must be connected to the three bolt and nut terminals marked U, V and W on the motor housing, three hall sensor inputs U1...U3 that come from pins 1 to 3 in the 5-pin connector of the motor, a Hall sensor power output that goes into pin 5 of the 5-pin motor connector, and a ground connection that should be connected to pin 4 of that 5-pin connector.
However, as I have no reference of what motor and Millipak controller you are actually using this is only educated guessing. Any links to proper documentation of the products you bought?


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