E-bike battery of 12V,24A and 36V (from 8.8Ah to 19.8Ah and use Panasonic LIR18650 cells

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We have E-bike Battery:12V,24V,36V(from 8.8Ah to 20Ah)

Power-Stations is dedicated to the manufacture and research of the High Power Rechargeable Lithium Batteries and conversion kits for modern electric mobility appliances including Electric Bicycles Electric Scooters Electric Golf cart and Trolley etc. Power-Stations Electric Bike Batteries include a wide range of popular models including 12V,24V,36V(from 8.8Ah to 20Ah)frame mounted rear rack battery packs etc.

Based on a qualified team for the R&D Manufacture and Quality assurance Power-Stations has quickly grown up and become the major lithium battery supplier for the electric bicycles in China. Our goal is to make the most Safe Durable and Compatible rechargeable lithium batteries for the Electric Bicycles and other mobility appliances.

With the rapid growth of the Green Energy Industry Power-Stations batteries will become the indispensable power for your mobility life.

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Ms Lilian
Power Stations Limited
Tel:86-755 89399682
Fax:86-755 84278982


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