We're BACK ... but VisForVoltage is still not quite right with the world

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I'm sure y'all noticed that V is for Voltage has been down the last two days. The explanation is that the server that hosts this site crashed, and the hosting provider (Dreamhost) took a very long time to recover the systems. See link below for the details. If you go to http://www.dreamhoststatus.com/ you'll see other servers crashing, and other customers having similar horror stories about the recovery and lack of response on the part of Dreamhost.

I don't want to gnash my teeth too much over this, but want to focus on a positive solution, and am in search of a new hosting provider to supply the server for this site.

In any case.. Current status as of right now is that

  • The site is extremely slow
  • Recent changes on the site have been lost, where "recent" is 2-3-4 weeks back in history. It means in particular that any uploads y'all have done are currently missing.
  • The postings we've made ARE up-to-date because they're stashed in a database, rather than as files on the server

The last point is especially troubling me. It appears that Dreamhost has recovered the site from an old backup, and is perhaps trying to recover files from the server which crashed.

Postings and comments we've made are all on the site because, as I said, they're in a database that runs on a server that did not crash. It's the uploaded files that haven't yet been recovered. I've placed a support request for those files to be restored.



- David Herron, http://www.7gen.com/

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Re: We're BACK ... but VisForVoltage is still not quite ...

Slow is right. Ugh. Better than down I suppose, but only barely.


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Re: We're BACK ... but VisForVoltage is still not quite ...

The update is that Dreamhost still has not updated the restored files and still appears to be slow, and dreamhost has not responded to support requests.


- David Herron, The Long Tail Pipe, davidherron.com, 7gen.com, What is Reiki
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