Electric bicycle "championship" in Bristol England

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There's a report on BikeBiz that an electric bicycle championship is being held Bristol's Big Green Week in June. Supposedly they're hoping to "set the stage for the first world electric bicycle championship" but I wonder what that actually means. The comments at the bottom discuss a different electric bicycle championship in Wales that has been held since 2006. Those who have a long enough history with V is for Voltage know that the previous owner of the domain name organized a pair of events in the SF Bay Area that could be thought of as an electric bicycle championship of sorts. The "hill climb" part of the Bristol event is described by the first ever such event, but the two events we held in 2003 and 2004 in the SF Bay Area featured hill climbing as the core attribute. There's also an event held every year at InterBike Las Vegas .. and ..

In any case, those quibbles aside, it sounds like a nice chance for the public to see electric bicycles in action.


Atmosphere Electric Bike World Championship - Bristol Big Green Week Electric Bike Day

A spectacular event using the whole of Park Street for the races and College Green for the village. Your chance to really see why electric bikes are taking the transport world by storm. Massive cost savings, fun, green transport suited to modern travel

  • FREE to attend
  • First ever Electric Bike World Championship Hill Climb
  • Electric Village – large number of electric bike manufacturers with their range of bikes for you to see
  • DEMO Area – big selection of bikes to try around a secure area
  • Children’s Flag Making and Chalk the Streets in the morning
  • Wacky bikes and Spin Paint Bike
  • Lush Cosmetics
  • Electric cars and Solar powered car
  • Electricity supplied by the Worlds largest Solar PA www.solarvenue.co.uk
  • Open from 11.30 – 4.30

See: http://www.electricbikes.org.uk/electric-bike-world-championship/


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