Brush replacements for the BD36?

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Does anyone know where I can get brush replacements for the BD36? I ordered a set of three a while back, but now the site I ordered them from no longer exists and I can't seem to find them anywhere else. I'm down to my last set of spare brushes after just replacing a set... 6400 hours to go before I need new ones.

I ordered the 26" front wheel kit about three years ago now and have been using it ever since, through the rain, snow, or torrents of weather I probably shouldn't have been riding through, it is my only mode of travel now. As the kit has lasted me three years, it is actually on it's second bike. I gave up the 10 geared mountain bike and I'm currently using an old black Huffy cruiser with green fenders, and am just running the standard 36v(3x12v)sealed lead battery pack. I do use a 20" mag tire in the rear of the 26" bike as I have found that it does a great many things to the performance of the bike, including lowering the center of gravity of the batteries over the back tire, giving it a more stability and a tighter stance when making quicker turns. The smaller 20" tire in the back is not only lighter it also creates a lot less drag versus momentum and since I usually only really pedal from a start the smaller diameter tire helps me get the bike going quicker with less effort, it is also very highly durable in comparison with a 26" back tire - which I had replaced and repaired multiple times before getting the 20" rear mag tire. While it may look funny it gives the bike a 4mph greater speed difference overall. With just the standard BD36 kit I've traveled well over 3,000+ miles with recycling the batteries completely only once during the three years I've ridden it (though at the end they would barely push the bike more than 3 miles) and routinely am capable of doing 20+ mph on a flat surface with no wind while my average speed for my 8 mile commute to and from work is 14mph of in town travel. While the bike is limited on range, somewhere between 13-15 miles, the small urban town that I live in is no greater than 10 miles in circumference, so the bike does enough to make travel completely sustainable.


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