BMS Wiring Connector

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I have a BMS to use for a set of 16 Headways I got for my e-bicyle. The BMS and Battery pack are separated, and I want to be able to take the battery pack off and leave the BMS on (pack is in the frame, BMS is on a back rack). So, I need some kind of connector inbetween the 17 22ga wires wire coming off each battery to the BMS.

So, I have found some 18 pin connectors, but they require some $600 tool to do the crimping. I've tried a Radio Shack connector, but they aren't giving me confidence that they'll work. I could do two 8-pin, or four 4-pin connectors, but just haven't found something that would work.

Does anyone have some good experience creating such connectors that are reliable and not huge (I'm only using 22ga wire, and so an Anderson Powerpole wouldn't work, for example) or super expensive?

Thanks - Dan

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Re: BMS Wiring Connector

Hi, Dan, we are a big and professional BMS designer and manufacturer in China for more than 15 years, do you want to try our professional BMS system? From 3s, 24s all under our products list, discharge current can be design 2A to 200A, and also charge current can be design as high as you need, quite good and stable, yes, we have all the same connectors you need, I'd like you have a view on our website at ,welcome you contact us by email, many thanks.
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Re: BMS Wiring Connector

Hi..does anyone know how to install this bms? I've no idea where to connect this since the seller just disappeared

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Re: BMS Wiring Connector

informative post.

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