Any users of "Smart Battery"? Drop-in replacement for Zapino and others

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Randy W
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Hi folks,
Has anyone had any experience with these?

The original battery pack on my Zapino is down to about half-capacity, and this is my only powered vehicle, these days. I have looked at Thundersky, Elite Power Solutions, etc, but these are a little too tall. Unfortunately, I can't do the modifications to the scooter to accommodate these.
The 40-AH "Smart Battery" looks to be the almost perfect solution. "Almost" because the conversion would cost about twice as much as rolling my own.
Welcome any comments.
Randy W
Santa Rosa

PS: A friend and I still have a boatload of Zapino body parts, headed for the landfill soon... Let me know your needs.


Randy W
Santa Rosa, CA
2 ZAP! Zapinos


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