D&D ES-15 electric motor - 6.7" series wound DC good for 72 volts w/ VW motor mount

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I have for sale a 6.7" series wound DC electric motor that came into my life via the Karmann Ghia conversion car I own. This motor was originally part of a Wilderness EV (e-volks.com) kit, and in my Karmann Ghia (at 72 volts) it did 50 miles/hr fairly well.

It comes with an adapter gizmo to attach to a VW transmission.

The motor was working fine when removed from my car - over 3 years ago - and has been sitting idle in the garage since. Now that I don't even have a garage, the motor has to go.

The difficulty will be shipping. I'm located in Silicon Valley CA, and can deliver anywhere in the SF Bay Area. But - shipping beyond the Bay Area, well, while that's theoretically possible we'll have to figure out how to accomplish it. The thing weighs about 70 lbs and will need some serious packing.

Asking $600








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- Electrified Electra Townie, 1971 Karmann Ghia (since sold), Kia Soul EV


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