High speed charger for electric motorcycles from DigiNow - designed for Zero S/SR/DS, can be adapted to other bikes

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DigiNow and Electric Motor Werks just announced a new product - the Super Charger Charge Tank - that slots right into the Power Tank area on Zero S/SR/DS bikes. It provides up to a 9 kiloWatt charging rate which means for a 1 hour or so recharge time, in the right conditions.

That means 70-100 miles of riding range, then a 1 hour recharge time, and therefore enough autonomy to make long range riding possible.

DigiNow's Brandon Nozaki-Miller told me that the charger can be integrated with other vehicles - like the Vectrix. The charge voltage is adjustable, and the input and output connectors are all modular.

See http://www.examiner.com/article/diginow-s-fast-charger-for-zero-ds-s-sr-electric-motorcycle-enables-long-rides for a full writeup.


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