Electric Bike Expo - Stanford, Portland and Denver coming up

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The Electric Bike Expo is a series of public events meant to show off electric bicycles to the public.

See: http://www.electricbike-expo.com/

The dates are:

April 22-24 in Stanford, CA - http://www.electricbike-expo.com/locations/palo-alto-california/

May 20-22 in Portland, OR - http://www.electricbike-expo.com/locations/portland-oregon/

June 17-19 in Denver, CO - http://www.electricbike-expo.com/locations/denver-colorado/


- David Herron, The Long Tail Pipe, davidherron.com, 7gen.com, What is Reiki
- Electrified Electra Townie, 1971 Karmann Ghia (since sold), Kia Soul EV


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