XM2000 with loose charging cable

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Hi All,

One of my customers took delivery of their scoot on Tuesday. Rode it on Wednesday and contacted me today and say "we charged it last night but today my wife had to limp home with it cutting out".

Uh oh, I think, bad batteries? Already?

Well I had him do a few tests and the batteries were as dead as doornails but the charger wasn't charging them. At first I thought defective charger. I went over to his house (good dealer that I am ;-) ) and hooked up my charger - still no dice.

It turns out that the wire to the charger plug on the bike had come unsoldered. Quickly diagnosed, quickly fixed. Not sure this would have gone as smoothly if we couldn't have placed a known good charger in the mix. Anyway he's up and running.

So, he'd run his bike for two days on the charge that was still remaining in the batteries. He got 23 miles out of it.

BTW, his only shipping damage was a "chrome" end cap had rubbed through. New one is on it's way (another example of prompt service from X-Treme).

So, if you have a new XM that won't charge check the charger wiring on the bike.

John H.
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