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I'm interested to hear people's experiences with this company:

More specifically, I'm looking at a rear-wheel kit with their 500W HBS-36 brushless hub motor
on a 26" rim and their new regenerative 36V controller.

I'm interested in opinions of this motor/controller compare with other options out there.
I'm also interested in the possibilities of running this motor/controller @66V.

The application is for a converted Mt. bike commuter (20 MPH x 10 miles x 2).


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Re: GoldenMotors

From what I hear, the goldenmotor controller doesn't work with higher voltage. I'm not sure it can do any harm if you had a goldenmotor motor with a higher voltage controller+batteries though, provided you don't overheat the motor (which is quite possible if you run high voltage and lots of amps.) Feel free to ask about it on the goldenmotor forums,

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Re: GoldenMotors

Hey guys,

I have been trying to buy a battery from goldenmotor. However, I have not been able to reach anyone. Have you had better luck than me with contacting anyone Via email off the websight .

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Re: GoldenMotors

best you will get with the goldenmotor without cooking it would be a 48volt controller. i found the included controller
junk my controller was anyway chugged like crazy from a standstill. also if you use led acid packs,replace the rear rim with a double wall rim. the included rim is as thin as tin-foil. just look at my youtube video before i replaced it sounds like the rims ready to fold :(

i really just wanted the hubmotor so im happy with it. i cant recommend it if your looking for a complete kit.


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