Ways to track 'recent' activity (RSS feeds)

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Just a quick note about different ways to track recent activity on V. There are multiple methods because to suit different preferences.

Listings of recent postings or changes presented in different ways: Tracker, Recent, Recent changes

RSS feeds can be read by a 'news reader' or 'news aggregator'. There's a wide variety of this software, I myself like Blog Bridge. Each forum exports its own RSS feeds, and there are other RSS feeds exported from almost every page on the site. In the Forum Resources sidebar you will find the following:

  • RSS feeds: lists most of the RSS feeds published by V
  • RSS: Comments: A feed that lists just the comments
  • The master RSS feed for the whole site

The My V is for Voltage Community feature offers a way to construct a personal page that lists recent activity based on your preferences. At the bottom of each posting is a way to add that posting to your mysite page.

On each users profile page there is a tab marked 'Track' which lists the activity done by that user. Any place the user name appears it is a link to their profile page.


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