Formula One goes Hybrid

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Read. It's pretty interesting and something I think it's very good. It could lead to truely sporty hybrids through "trickle down," as well as much, much more advanced hybrid systems. I think it will also give the enginears more room to duke it out, because now it's all just 2.4 liter V8s and rev-capped 3.0 liter V10s buzzing away at 20,000 RPM and bodies that create a bunch of downforce, and everyone using bacically the same car. The engineers need a little more wiggle room to make the techknowledgy side of the sport more interesting, so lotus can come up with more awsome ideas (and then get banned from using them2 years later)!

OK, forumla one rant over, but point is it will be great for roadcars too.

Also Companies probably will put thier hybrid systems into other cars, and we might see some hybrid Ferraris winning 24 hours of Le Mans in the future due to increased fuel economy. The 20 KG (thats 50 lbs, right?) limit on the system will help make hybrids lighter, further increasing efficency.

And finally it will midigate the inherent un-sexiness of prettymuch every hybrid today, and we might get some truly sporty hybrids with F1 spearheading performance inovations. The princicple of "Race on sunday, sell on monday" will come into effect hear, and we may get some good performance oriented hybrids popping thier heads up.


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