As gas goes up, driving goes down

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Re: As gas goes up, driving goes down

You'd never know that from the way they are still driving in New Mexico, but then we are allways 20 years behind in everything except nuclear weapons. I've never smog tested a car in my life. This weekend the highway was packed with people driving like they were in the indy 500. Yesterday the paper had an article about how bus usage is still down from normal since they improved the routes. At least Las Cruces has some really good bike lanes and paths. Hey, isn't reduced driving supposed to lower demand, resulting too much gas chasing too few dollars? Something aint right here.


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Re: As gas goes up, driving goes down

Here in the Northern Virginia area, I see a few more people biking to work. I biked to work twice last week. The weather has been mild lately. Once it gets hotter, there may be fewer bikes on the road.


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Re: As gas goes up, driving goes down

I have seen people driving less in the San Diego area. It looks like what people are doing is, less leisure driving, the roads look dead on the weekends. Sunday reminds me of amount of cars that used to be on the roads when I grew up in San Diego in the 1970's.

I have been watching and wondering when people would hit a wall on how much they would absorb before cutting back. Gasoline approaching four dollars a gallon seems to be the point at which people said they had enough and started cutting back.

My driving habits have not changed, still get around on my 150 MPG moped and electric bike with no problems.


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