[Dealer Deals]: Good, Bad, Ugly.

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We all know it was coming, America. Well, here we go.





I'm having a Blowout Special on the X-500 electric scooter until they're sold out to help X-Treme make room for the 2008 models!

Regular price is: $319
Sale price is: $300
AND, it's a "Buy 2, get 1 free" special as well! Buy two X-500's and I'll add a third when I process your order!
Shipping is FREE!



I also have access to "previously loved" (scratch-n-dent) X-500-SD. So is you want to save a pocket-full of cash and don't care about the cosmetics, check this out!:

X-500 Scratch-n-Dents: Just $250!
Shipping is FREE!!
Check my site for availability, as quantities are low.

I also have other S&D items available (XG-505, X-600, X-560, X-10, X-140, X-240, XG-550, X-400, XP-700). Only certain colors are available, very limited quantities, contact me quickly for stock verification, when they're gone that's it.



Prices are going up soon, guys, there's nothing I can do to stop it - manufacturers prices, falling dollar, inflation. Last year Gushar bought the XB-600 from me for $200 less than what I can even get it myself now. I would highly suggest to everyone that if you want a scooter, moped, ATV, etc from anywhere, do it quick because I don't see prices going down anytime soon. And we all know the direction of gas prices; by me not driving the car to work I'm saving about $40 per week. Might as well find alternative transportation and git-r-done now before we get into a hole we can't dig out of. Just my 2¢.



http://www.BaseStationZero.com is now back online! Mostly. The new menu is still not finished and there are quite a few pages I haven't uploaded. So if you click on a menu item and nothing happens, I'm sorry but I haven't uploaded those parts yet. Redesigning BSZ is a lot bigger project than I wanted to do, and real-life (what dat?) is taking quite a bit of time at the moment. Please beer with me. (yes, I said beer) :) If you have any questions, comments or suggestions you can email me any time:


Also, I'm not sure who knows this, but I have access to discounted parts for X-Treme's products - if they're in stock, I can get them for less than the price posted at X-Treme. I don't have any Parts pages up on the site yet, but if you need something, email me and I'll check inventory and get back to you.

*CANADA - Je peux vous envoyer les vélos électriques de X-Treme! 100 US$ (pardon my French)
*MEXICO - Puedo enviar artículos en México; correo electrónico para la información y precio.

Thank you to all my customers, and thank you for looking. :)



THINKING X-TREME? - Do a Google search for "Alpha Products International" first!


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