wanted: Comparison Li version of zapino to XM3500 and EVT (if there is one)

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Yes I am sure this has been asked before but I have read tons of posts and am perhaps have just gotten overwhelmed with the amount of information. Since I am human I am also having trouble parsing anecdotal issues with fleetwide statistical issues.

I intend on trying to get a new Li based bike as soon as possible. I like the Li due to range, and life.

1) I intend on wiring for and using a bank charger
2) I wish to, at first, deploy no other mods (until I start getting bored)
3) I wish for as little trouble as possible (don't we all) since my wife will likely be riding this bike and I don't want her to be stuck anywhere

1) From reading many posts, my impression is that the EVT machines have more reliability issues than XM or zapino, does this seem right to you?
2) Is there even a Li based EVT anyway (or would it simply be a mod)?
3) I read all about the long break in periods for SLA batts, is there a similar one for Li+?
4) who is mountain chen and does he manufacture all these of these machines? If not, why am I getting this impression? LOL

I'm sure more questions will follow. I am pretty technical and not afraid to get my hands dirty. However I am not the biggest fan of fixing things upon arrival. I'm pretty dedicated to get a one of the e-bikes, but just need some help on determining which seems to be the most reliable (and I fully understand that all of these machines are new and may have reliability issues).

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Comparison Li version of zapino to XM3500 and EVT

Have 2 Oxygen lepton scooters that me and my wife ride , have over 2100 combine miles on them .
Never had any probleme at all .highly recommend them , great acceleration and good ride , very solid .
On the down side , they are no longer being made , not as cheap as a chiness ones , do not go over 30 mph .
It is the classic Italian scooter and built to last .
They are very good with Evercel Nickel-Zinc pack , have not tried it with Lead Acid ones , heard that they run
fairly well . little slower and shorter range due to the weight .
We get between 26 and 35 miles range ,my wife is 102 lbs , I am 185 , of course depending on speed .
Oxygen is making a newer one in the $6,000 with Valence pack LifePO4



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