Regen braking - where is the wear-n-tear?

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I love the Regen Braking, but despite seeing a number of comments on it being great to preserve wear-n-tear on brakes, I find myself wondering where the actual wear-n-tear is...

I assume that the absorbtion of energy that it takes to slow from a higher speed goes into something which ultimately will result in heat and mechanical wear somewhere. Does anyone know more about this and care to guestimate the replacement costs?


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Re: Regen braking - where is the wear-n-tear?


Some mechanical wear will happen on the opposite side on the gears compared to the wear from acceleration. That should be inconsequential because the "acceleration side" of the cogs will wear much faster anyway.

Chemical wear (in the battery) might depend on your average riding distance. If you regularly ride distances close to your maximum range then regen might prevent battery ageing because the discharges will be less deep.
Otherwise I'm not sure what effect it has on battery life span.

The rear tyre wear is the same as if you used the rear disk brake to cause the same amount of deceleration. I guess that using both front and rear brakes together would cause much less wear on the tyres, but thats just a hunch...

If there is an effect of regen breaking on the main fuse (it can sometimes blow for no apparent reason) remains to be clarified. The current going into the battery during hard regen breaking at high speed is about six times higher than the maximum current during CP charging (but only a third of the maximum power consumed during acceleration).

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Re: Regen braking - where is the wear-n-tear?

Like Mik says. There ain't none! :-)

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