eBIKE battery recharging

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Hi All,
Having recently purchased a Powa Cycle, model Salisbury, I have been thinking about how I could use the motion of the cycle to re-charge the battery. I was wondering if a dynamo of the type used for lighting sets could be utilised. The battery on my eBIKE is a 27v lithium.
I have very little electronics knowledge,
padylyn (hopeful)

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Re: eBIKE battery recharging

Trying to be gentle, it can be done, but is hardly worth it.

Regeneration does work. But not very efficiently. Going down a big hill for instance, you recover at most, 20% of the power used to climb it. So if you wanted to pedal to make power, you could make enough to go 1 mile, by pedaling your self to death for only 5 miles. Get the picture? Other ways, like stopping for a charge or just carrying more battery work better. With other applications, like open pit mine trucks, regen is worthwile because of the huge weight and large hill involved. A big enough number, and 20% is a large ammount. But on a dinky little ebike, it works better to just stop and plug in for a half hour.

There are three good sounding ideas that keep popping up, and they may work in larger scale stuff, but not on ebikes.

One is regeneration. Makes a good brake, but doesn't extend range so much.
Two is solar panels on a trailer, they can charge the bike, but it takes longer than while you ride, again, can't extend range much.

The thrid is a windmill on the bike, like regen, the laws of physics make it not a source of free energy, ie perpetual motion machine.

In all three cases, energy can be produced, but not near as much as the same weight of more lithium battery. Read enough of the forum, and electric stuff will start to make more sense to you. I learned a ton here.


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Re: eBIKE battery recharging

Thanks very much dogman. There doesn't seem to be any easy way out,

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