Brammo Enertia @ BestBuy

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Some BestBuy locations are selling Segway scooters. The one in Mountain View (about a mile from my house) is one of those, as I noted a couple months ago.

Recently there was an announcement that Brammo's Enertia would be available through select BestBuy's.. here's a couple articles (below).

FWIW last time I was at my local Segway-selling BestBuy I asked the lady at the information desk. She shrugged and didn't know. It seems likely to me that the best approach BestBuy to have success with selling electric vehicles through their stores, is to make some of their stores have EV specialism.

That is.. I think they could scatter the EV's.. meaning to sell the Segways through one set of stores, sell the Brammo's through another set of stores, etc. But I think that would not work too well. I think if instead they selected a handful of stores who would stock all the EV's they plan to sell, that would put enough EV focus on those stores to gain some traction.


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Re: Brammo Enertia @ BestBuy

First of all I'm still taken back by the idea of a big box store selling such a sophisticated machine. There's typically a fairly large number of people who'll want to try the unit before buying...not typical retail, I'd guess.

Your idea is a good one. The good news is Best Buy is a top shelf company, with lots of bright people, so if the concept is going to work anywhere, it'll be here. Best Buy should also help Brammo figure out what the machine really is. Not that long ago they called it a "commuter bike" on the Enertia website. Recently, several industry movers-and-shakers were hired to get the Enertia properly positioned and marketed. This was a good move, because the previous regime was somewhat lost.

Made in America! Gotta love it!



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