Blast From the Past - "Currie Scoot-E" - Help?

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Hey all, new to the group. Came here from the Zappy Yahoo Group.
I recently purchased an old Currie Scoot-E from Craigslist for $35,
and was wondering if anyone had any technical specs on it?
I can't find any info online... Currie Customer Service is a joke when you have a model that's about 9 years old. This is my first E-Scoot...

I believe it has a brushed/finned motor, but I don't know what wattage. I am also looking for tips on replacing the 3-wire plug thumb throttle. All the parts stores I've found online are out-of-stock for 3-wires. I was thinking of just wiring in another potentiometer, but haven't yet. It has a chain-drive, not direct drive, and I don't think it freewheels. I also can't find a controller in it, just a fuse, but no controller. All the throttles I've looked at, even the out-of-stock 3-wires, seem to require a controller between the throttle & motor.

Before the throttle broke, it seemed to be running fairly well.
Top speed I'd guess is somewhere between 12-15mph, longest trip I've taken since getting everything together was about 5-6 miles, and it
still had plenty of juice left.
Since I've gotten it, I replaced the 10Ah batteries with some Rhino 12Ah ones, welded a bicycle seatpost on it, (it was a stand-on scoot),
fabricated a new battery cover to accomodate the larger batteries,
cut a hole in the rear wheel cover to go over the seatpost, added a kickstand, reflectors, & a small storage box.

Any technical info or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Here's a photo of what it looked like when I got it:

Here's a photo of what it looks like now, (without a throttle):

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Re: Blast From the Past - "Currie Scoot-E" - Help?

I ended up wiring in another potentiometer from a Volume Control as a stopgap measure until I can locate a new throttle assembly. I wired it in exactly like the pot in the original throttle housing, and it worked fine. The shaft wasn't long enough, though, so I couldn't house the knob in the original throttle assembly, and ended up just attaching the knob to the handlebars with electrical tape.

I DO NOT, recommend this, though. Aside from looking terrible, the response is slow.
With a traditional throttle you have a spring that "snaps back" to zero throttle if you let go. Using a volume knob, speed is constant, depending on where you set the knob.
Kind of like "Cruise Control", but I could see it being dangerous if you have to decelerate quickly, emergency stop, etc.
I don't recommend it, as it makes for a hairy riding experience.

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Re: Blast From the Past - "Currie Scoot-E" - Help? appears to have the throttle you need.


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Re: Blast From the Past - "Currie Scoot-E" - Help?

You need a 5k ohm throttle. It is possible to get a replacement potentiometer for it, although having found the same as you (that Currie is only interested in supporting current models) I just got a new one for mine. On the bright side, so long as you make certain to get the correct rotation, the surplus 300w/400w Kollmorgen motors are also compatible with this throttle. Hope that fills in any blanks.

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Re: Blast From the Past - "Currie Scoot-E" - Help?

I believe you have a brushless motor with an internal controller. A 5k thumb throttle or full grip (like Magura) seem to run $40-$55. Hall-effect throttle are a lot cheaper, but would not work with your motor.

There may also be a 2-wire connector in the motor cable. If connected to a brake lever with a switch, you could have an "emergency" shut-off of the internal controller, whenever you pull the brake lever.

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Re: Blast From the Past - "Currie Scoot-E" - Help?

I received a scoot e from a former boss 3 or so years ago just got new batteries for it. the problem is the switch is in the on position with no key, this will cause a consent power draw if I'm correct. Switch is a barrel type like a safe has. Any replacement ideas?

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