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So i recently got a 'free' evg e-bike.

I just one one of the cheapest of the cheap volgood aka mary 24v20ah packs. I couldn't pass it for $200 shipped, even i'd hoped for 36v. I hope that the battery actually ships; other people on the forums have said that when they won low priced auctions the sellers would just refuse to ship. I'll keep y'all posted on that front if anyone cares to know.

I've got two real questions.
I think i fried my board by reversing the polarity (the wires were disconnected and i had to guess polarity...). First i gave it 12v and it made unhappy sounding noises and wouldn't fire the motor, then I put my battery charger in series with my car's battery and took my best guess at the polarity. It made different unhappy sounds and then smoke came from the board and it refused to work. I opened it up the lead to a larger cap had turned into magical smoke. I soldered it and tried again, and instead the capacitor changed to magical oil. All over the inside of my mother board :.Yuck.:. Anyhow im going to try to replace the cap and try again, but I've read that the processors have a tendency to fry even when people aren't abusing the board. can some1 post a picture with the polarity of the leads on the board?

If I should just buy another 24v pwm motor speed controller, where should i get it from and what should i expect to pay?

And what's up with snail mail registration for endless sphere?

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Re: EVG E-bike

It sounds like you fried the poor controller. Unfortunately I've never seen an EV Global bike so dunno about the innards (I assume 'evg' means EV Global).

There are generic controllers at http://tncscooters.com and http://electricscooterparts.com


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Re: EVG E-bike

The controllers advertise a 20.6V cutoff. Can't my lifepo's go down to 18.something? Do i need to find a special controller or is there a way to modify one of these? I am handy with a soldering iron and circuit schematic, even if i overlooked the fact that my battery charger would put out more volts than the battery it is supposed to charge (i'm learning :( ).

edit: i answered my own question. lifepos voltage drop off a cliff at max discharge.

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