Speed-O Not Working

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My Zapino speed-O reads very slow. It never gets up over 10 or 15 MPH, at full power down hill. And some times it reads 0. Mainly it is just 10 or 15ish. Once on a wet road it work then the next day back to 10 or 15. Any thoughts? Today I unattached and reattached the connector at the front hub, nothing I have a feeling it is electrical....


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Re: Speed-O Not Working

I have had my Zapino for about 1 year. I had 2 issues that maybe the same problem. First I save that the speed needle in the speed gauge had fallen off when I rode over some rough road surface. So I placed it back on after taking it all apart. You had to be careful when putting back in since it seemed very sensitive to getting stuck.
The second issue is that my whole odometer/speedometer cable totally broke and I had to replace the whole thing. I am not sure why this happened other than poor quality. I replaced it with a new one from ZAP and it works fine now. Replacing was not that hard to do but taking the dash apart is not fun since there are clips that always get lost and every time you unscrew plastic bolt holes they get worn more and more so nothing stays together well. I have had to retrofit some holes with epoxy cement. Again, poor quality since stainless steel bots and metal thread inserts into the plastic were not used. I am very happy having the speedometer and odometer working that is for sure.

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