replacement batteries for xb-600

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I bought an XB-600 second hand - worked well but needed a new charger. When I received the charger, I left it charged for a week while I went on vacation. I returned to find no power. From other forums it appears that the batteries have melted and they are bulging however have not burst.

I figure I need new batteries. The website ones are $60 each (includes shipping). I found some 12 volt- 18 AH sealed acid lead batteries for about $35-40 shipped. I am ok with sacrificing an 1 to 2 MPH to save 50% but want to get the opinion of the forum if the 18 aH replacements will do OR in essence, is there a good source for purchasing acceptable batteries other than the x-treme website.

The batteries I have are 2 years old and MIGHT have needed replacement anyway, however, as per another user, I would not discount the fact that I MAY have received a faulty charger as it only shows a green light all the time when plugged in.

Any suggestions for new batteries?



Best regards, eDoc

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Re: replacement batteries for xb-600

first off, unless I am mistaken X-treme website has the 4 battery pack xb-600 replacement for $199 shipped.
xb-600 parts
However, you may want to test the charger and/or batteries first. You can always go to walmart and get a 12V battery charger for $20 and a voltmeter (maybe even take them back after you test :) make sure the batteries are not bad b4 u get more. A Voltmeter is really a necessity here for testing. I purchased a 12V 18ah battery to add to make mine 60V. It doesnt seem to drain at any higher of a rate than the stock bats tho. If too much gas has vented from your bats they are prolly no good anymore.

In short, test charger, test batteries, try a different charger, re-test bats.


Dave ; Tennessee

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