XB-508/600 technical information and dead parts request for mod theory testing.

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I understand there are many limits in these models which can be extended. I also understand that some things may require reflow soldering.
my thoughts are to see if anyone has either burnt out motor(s) or possibly burnt out control unit(s).

with these parts and some help (people providing pictures, wiring diagrams, and some circuit path testing), it should be possible to test to see roughly how far these components could theoretically be modded.
doing number crunching this way wouldn't come with the risk of ruining any functional components. I could also figure out a bottom dollar tool list for reflow soldering and theoretical walk-throughs for any mods I think have a decent chance of working.

some of my thoughts are that the overall limit on these boards would be the printed tracers on the boards. testing to find their maximum load would let us establish, providing a large margin of error unless we have a bunch of tests, know the maximum voltage and circuit could possibly be. this is an over simplification of the process, but central to my thought on establishing the modding limits.

So I guess the core of this post is to ask if anyone is interested in this experiment?
if you don't know how to do something I can always provide walk-throughs and links to examples of things like reflow soldering and load testing.

or if you just have some broken parts you don't want, you could mail them to me to test. I would be willing to cover shipping on circuit boards, I think the motors might be a little hefty though.



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