Vectrix contact info - parts order?

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Hello All,

New to this forum but have been a Vectrix owner for nearly a year. Had the first one in Houston, TX!
Unfortunately, our Vectrix was involved in a slow speed crash a few months ago (hit in a parking lot), and we've been having trouble getting the parts in for the repairs.

In June the dealer we purchased the Vectrix from put in an order for most of the left side plastic, mirror, footrest, etc. Since then we havent heard anything from Vectrix concerning the status of the order. I know about the bankruptcy, but didn't know how this would effect orders for parts. Surely in the U.S. or Europe there still has to be a healthy stock of parts somewhere??

Can anyone offer any direct contacts or suggestions for getting some information out of Vectrix either about my order specifically, or what the companies plans are surrounding parts orders?



-James M
Houston, TX

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Re: Vectrix contact info - parts order?

Try to contact Vectrix UK. Some USA citizens are buying directly from them.

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Re: Vectrix contact info - parts order?

I live in France and i'm waiting for a new right wing since April, My Vectrix was delivered with a scratch on it. Vectrix NL wich seems to be our contact for Europe says that there is some stock, but it seems that delivery from Poland is done on the back of snails.
Maybe I should ask my dealer to phone Vectrix UK.


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