Tire pump for the road.

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I've got everything I need on my XB-600 to fix flats except an air pump. Does anyone have any recommendations for a portable air pump that will fit under the seat or in the cargo compartment, and will do the job well enough to get me to a gas station or convenience store with a regular air hose and compressor?



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Re: Tire pump for the road.

One company who's accessories I think are fairly decent for this is Topeak. http://www.topeak.com/products/Mini-Pumps
Another is Blackburn
I'd recommend a pump that pushes air on the push as well as pull, so it fills the tire more effeciently. CO2 inflators are quick, but the CO2 actually leaks out faster than normal air-making them a quickfix with longterm loss. If you buy a mini-pump from a big-box store, save the reciept until you try the pump on a tire. They may or may not be worth what you paid for them.

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Re: Tire pump for the road.

I bought a cheap $10 foot pump from Walmart. Its not the best, but works fine when you are in a bind. Doesnt take that long to pump up the tire. Its cheap and small.


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Re: Tire pump for the road.

I have the Topeak mini masterblaster and it fits under the seat. It also fills on both strokes.

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