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Just thought I would drop a note here. I've joined many forums over the past several years, but none have set the bar so high in terms of log in security. Seriously fellas this is a forum not a bank. I would not be surprised if you are losing active members by making it such a hassle.

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Re: Logging In To This Forum

Thank you for the feedback and I am interested in ways to have more people joining and using the forum.

The other issue however you may not be aware of is the number of spammers who are running scripts to sign up accounts and spew comments or postings all over the place. It's well known that with low barriers the spammer scripts will take over the forum and make it unusable.


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Re: Logging In To This Forum

If you read this VisforVoltage every day or two it can keep you logged in. I got one good thing to say. If you forget to log in for a week, the letters are easier to read than most sites with strange "pictures of can you read this"? It also is a lot easier then yahoo forums for Electric Vehicles or any other site on Yahoo.
There are not enough of EVs out there and one needs this forum to figure out bad points of cars trucks and motorcycles. It's not like Toyota being on the news every night for run away cars. When is the last time you ever heard of an EVT or XM-2000 breaking down? Only on VisforVoltage.


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