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Hi Guys

Sorry, long time no see. Been busy on next version of eLation and suppose I have been a bit of a "rock spider", watching but not inputing to forum. New designs and updates are moving smoothly and feedback from buyers has be awesome.

Wrapped in "free design" concept but have to buy in here and say 'come on'. Had few people now let me know of this mob http://www.bike-elektro-antrieb.ch and have also contacted them myself stating the "obvious". Conviently they "released" their product 1 month after we appeared on television. They also appear to have prbolems understanding English (yeah right). Bottom line is, makes you wonder? Since I have contacted them they have 'done the right thing' and advised Aussies to contact me (no where else), but it is hardly fair they are getting recogntion on a reputable site such as Visforvoltage.

I am all for evoltuion but is copying really valid. I spent a LOT of dollars creating the finer points of the eLation. I have patented and registered the design. Can I DEFEND it? NO of course not I do not have the money to waste. I am small time and unless guys like you help defend designs (yours and mine) we will all be chewed up. I want to survive as a business, but I also want to support this vital industry. If you let the clones get credibility and will never get there.

I will leave it to you good people to decide if I have a case. Either way i will continue to design and operate in the background for the betterment of the industry (and truthfullly my business too). New mount, crank system and motor sizes coming soon.

Best to all


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