XM-2000 battery charger

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For those who have been following, I have a mod project in the works. I need a 60v charger and the budget is almost exhausted. I asked this question earlier and a few chimed in but I thought I'd solicit more input.

The Xtreme website lists a 60v, 4A XM-2000 replacement charger for $99 delivered. For those who own XM-2000s, what are your experiences using this charger? Pros, cons, life expectancy...can I safely plug this thing, go to bed and forget about it till morning?

I would be plugging it into a 5xBB EB 50-12 battery pack, if that helps.

Broomfield, CO


Broomfield, CO

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Re: XM-2000 battery charger

Hi Vinnie,

I've lost track on your final decision with regard to your project - care to remind us all?

I've had no problems with the charger. I regularly plug it in and forget about it until morning. Based on the stuff I've seen about even the best chargers sometimes overcharging then if I remember I do tend to switch it off once full charge is indicated - but that's just me being cautious.

I don't know how the chemistry of your BBs would match the Silicone batteries - you'd need to read up on the charging specs for both batteries. I suspect it might be a problem - so proceed with caution.

John H.
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