Bad Chinese selers to avoid

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Haoteng Ind and Trade. Products that work, work very well. They will send you DEAD ON ARRIVAL(dead/broken leaving storage) products, and substitute stuff you did not order in place of what you did order and will lie and not send spare parts in the shipment. They send whatever colours they have on hand. They do not send replacements under warranty and will claim the factory is shutting down when you insist on replacements, then whatever employee you are dealing with will offer to act as an agent to purchase new replacements for a price. They export using an export company name of Yongkang Hardware City Import and Export Co, Ltd. They are on Alibaba and EC and every other China to NA website I could find. It looks like they create sub company accounts until that company name gets a bad rep and create a new one but all exports go through the master company Yongkang.

Alibaba will not put a bad mark on their rating until after you take the company to court and win BTW, so beware Alibaba ratings.

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