BIONX Console Battery Reading Reset Instructions

  • Step 1) Fully charge the battery.
  • Step 2) Disconnect the charger and let the battery cool down for 1 hour.
  • Step 3) On the Console check the voltage using the diagnostics mode, code 3772.
    • See "BIONX Console Display Programming".
  • Step 4) A 36-Volt battery should display at least 41.0 volts, which indicates a fully charged battery.
  • Step 5) With a fully charged battery press and hold the mode button for 20 seconds.
  • Step 6) Check the gauge and verify it shows full.

BIONX Console Display Programming

  • Step 1) Turn on the system ( mode button ).
  • Step 2) Simultaneously press and hold the chrono and mode buttons for 2 seconds.
  • Step 3) Enter the desired console code.
    • To change a digit, use the A+ and G- buttons.
    • To accept a digit and go to the next position, press the mode button.
  • Step 4) Once you are done with your programming, simply press mode to go to the original display.
  • Step 5) Save the changes by turning the system off.

BIONX Console Codes

2001KM or Miles (kph or mph)
2002Generative breaking On or Off
2003Time Left (Battery duration)
2004Set Clock
2005Wheel Size
2006Programming Brake Sensor (part of generative breaking)
2007Throttle Polarity (0-5 volts or 5-0 volts)
3771Wheel Size (diameter in millimeters?)
3772Diagnostic Mode
3773Speed Limit On or Off
3775Throttle Max Speed (default is actually off, surprisingly enough)
3776Speed that Motor will Start (default is 3km)
5000Full System Reset (highly suggest not doing this...doesn't restore the standard defaults, it actually disables just about everything or sets items to their lowest settings)
1976Motor Direction (clockwise or counterclockwise, suggest that you don't change this or your tire will start reversing when the motor kicks in)
1234Sensor Speed Signal (1 - slow and 5 - fast)
1970Configuration activation backlight and DCDC automatic
0007Sensor Signal gain, 0.1 to 4.0 (high means it is more sensitive to your input/more responsive)
0008Configuration of extra assistance (1.0 to 4.0...increase this and the system will put out more assistance per peddle effort)
0041Activation of the I2C (not sure what that means)
These instructions are to be used as is at your own risk. The author implies no warrenty or responsibility for any damages.