E Max Manual Index:

Part I : Disassembling + Assembling
(Download - Disassembling Assembling Manual)
How to disassemble and assemble the controller 1
How to change the motor 3
How to disassemble and assemble the front top cover, front cover and changing the front light bulb 6
How to change the horn 8
How to change the side stand switch 9
How to change the speedometer 10
How to change the transform switch 11
How to change the counter 12
How to change the batteries 13
How to change the taillight 16
How to change the main switch assembly 18
How to change the left and right handle switch 20
How to change the throttle handle 21
How to change the main relays 22
How to change the left and right front winker and the front position light 24
Part II : Trouble Shooting
(Download - eMax Trouble Shooting)
The power light doesn't illuminate and the scooter doesn't run 1
The power light is on and the scooter doesn't run 2
The motor runs slowly 3
The motor runs unevenly 4
The main switch is on and the motor runs quickly, out of control 5
The range is too short 6
The batteries don't charge or don't charge completely 7
The power light is not on but the scooter runs 8
The battery level display is incorrect but the scooter runs normally 9
The horn doesn't work 10
The light doesn't work 11
The motor makes a loud noise 12
The power supply to the motor is greater than normal; e.g. too high voltage 13
The scooter doesn't run because the control unit is defective 14
The drive mileage is only half of the normal 15
The speedometer doesn't work 16
Checking the Electronic and Electric Components Table
(Download - eMax Trouble Shooting)
Checking the phase cable 1.1
Checking Power IC diodes 1.2
Checking the signal 1.3
Checking the brake contact 2
Checking the power button 3
Checking the battery level display 4
Ignition switch cable 5
Throttle handle 6
Side stands 7
Relays placed in paralle l8
Single relays 9
Control box 10
Measuring voltage 11
Relays in control box 12
Electrical circuit diagrams  
Note: Diagram 1 thru 4 are seperate files.
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    Circuit Diagram 1
    Circuit Diagram 2
    Circuit Diagram 3
    Circuit Diagram 4