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Xtreme XB310Li

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Moover - Urban commuter

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Hi everybody,

Just wanted to share our design studio creation the Moover.

Moover is an urban commuter designed by two transportation designers

The electric scooter includes a powerful 24V 750W Hi-torque motor
the electronic controller is responsible of delivering 40A straight to that motor.
The energy come from a 24V 20Ah Li-po battery packs.

Moover can run at top speed of 45Km/H and squeezing the throttle can take you to a 30Km distance.

We included a built in 6W led light in front and applied a nice led strap on the rear
To give it a fast and furious look we integrated side white led straps.

The rigid chassis is handmade, we use some laser cut parts and its stronggggg believe me i check it out (-:

The deck received a nice graphic message.

So check it out and please comment

Thanks buddies

2000 X Transporter Motorboard

Need battery replacement info.

Wife's Electric Bike

This is my wife's bike, a small Sedona with great handlebars and a cushy seat. The electric assist just makes it feel spunky. I can't catch her going uphill, yet! One of these days she'll run out of power. Then I'll catch her!

EVG Electric Bike selling parts

Denver Colorado (Brighton). I am selling the parts off an EVG bike, new batteries, no controller, no tail light, I have every things. Frame looks almost new, tires are great (almost new), etc.

Email me and tell me what you needs, I will send picture(s) and price.


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I need help with my charger. it keeps blinking red and green

Im looking for any info on the charging aspects of this scooter. Yes I am having a problem

Revived Battery Montague-Currie modified electric bike

Modified and ruggedized. Probably the last working Montague-Currie in Canada. See EValbum.

World's only chain-driven and water-resistant Ego-II (Ego Cycle 2) electric scooter

Please surf for chain-drive ego electric scooter, also in EValbum.com

Daughter #2's Razor e200s

This in my 9yr old daughter's scooter. After many hours of experience on a push scooter, she adapted well to this much heavier powered scooter. She learned to ride it standing up(without the seat installed), but now she prefers sitting down.

Daughter #1's Ezip 750

This is my 11yr old daughter's scooter. She's been riding EVs(Power Wheels) since she was 3yrs old and is more than capable of safely riding this scooter. I plan on adding a rear drum brake to it in the near future.

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