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Stealth 1000 N2 Sidewalk Chopper

This is my Stealth 1000 modified, wanted a different look and feel so I changed a few things around and got a really cool sidewalk cruiser to ride around on.IMG_3536.JPG

Cafe Racer/Tracker build in New Zealand

After years of looking at motorbikes, riding some, dreaming about owning or buiding one, I have finally settled on building a cafe racer/tracker style electric motorcycle. I've just bought a 1986 Honda CBX250 rolling frame and am currently investigating all electric components.

I've looked into Lithium Ion batteries from a company called LifeBatt but the costs are high. The batteries are roughly $2000 NZ (US$1400) each and apparently also require a battery protection module (NZ$1000). They've also quoted NZ$2000 for a compatible charger. For my total budget of $5000 this is waay to expensive, so I think I'll have to go for deep cycle lead acid batteries. I'll keep investigating Lithium Ion possibilities but at the moment Lead is winning.

I've found a good site at EVAmerica for pretty much all the components required and even though frieght will cost almost NZ$1000 after tax it's still the best option.

Any help or suggestions are welcomed.




Just a couple of corrections I needed to add:
The controller I bought is (not Kelly) Curtis PMC model 1204-412SU RATED at 48volts, 300 amps.
I think this is a good match with the GE brushed, motor.

AND I'd forgotten that this version of the KZ400 (1978) had a 6 speed gearbox. I just bought two new sprockets for the final drive; reduced the rear from 45 teeth to 43 so I'm thinking I can get up to highway speeds well enough.

Would still like to hear from anyone who can offer a suggestion for the gear ratio I might try at the DC motor - crankshaft.


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