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Professional Electric scooters Manufacturer,Exporter www.escooterschina.com

Zhejiang Haoren Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.(Professional E-scooters Manufacturer,Exporter )is the top electirc Vehicle factory in China supply Electric scooters,Electric bikes,Electric motorcycles with EEC DOT approved owns full intellectual property to product lines.
An excel R&D team with a perfect after-sales system,we not merely supply electric scooter,electric bike,electric motorcycle but aslo focus our providing superb service includes research & development,production-manufactruing,technical consultation,maintence,ect.

i am very glad to know you.
PLS check our website to see more detail.
Model power Battery type Speed Range 20"FT 40"HQ

HR-020 1500W48V 60v25ah Silicon 45km/h 60km 24PCS 48PCS
HR-020 1500W60V 60v25ah Silicon 45km/h 75km 24PCS 48PCS
HR-020 1500W60V 60v20ah Lithium 45km/h 80km 24PCS 48PCS
HR-020 2000W60V 60v25ah Silicon 58km/h 55km 24PCS 48PCS
HR-020 3000W60V 60v25ah Silicon 65km/h 50km 24PCS 48PCS
HR-020 3000W60V 60v40ah Lithium 70km/h 100km 24PCS 48PCS

the HR-010 HR-020-1 HR-020-2 HR030 have the same price ,the above-mentioned price is for container.
if you order less then 5pcs we will charge you sample fee. Once you order container from us we will return to you.
If you can promote our escooters in your Country.that'll be appreciated.
(if you from Europe HR-010 HR-020-1 HR-020-2 HR030 HR038 (45km/h-60km/h)with EEC &COC approval all Ebike with CE approval you can import.)
pls add our online Skype: escooterschina to make us better communication.

Contact Us
Sales and Service Headquarter:
Skype: okgenehjp (24 Hours)
Tel: 0086 158 6835 5819 (24 Hours)
Fax: 0086 573 8368 8889
Order & General Questions: escooter2010@hotmail.com
Zhejiang Haoren Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.
Xiuzhou Industrial Zone ,Jiaxing ,Zhejiang Province, China 314001
Branch office:
Taizhou ,Zhejiang Province, China 314002
Hangzhou ,Zhejiang Province, China 314007
Shaoxing ,Zhejiang Province, China 314005


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