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Dealer Deals Mountain's Newest E Motorcycle 3000W,peak power 4000W Gman
Gman's picture
1 total SynergeticEconomy 9 years 30 weeks ago
Dealer Deals New EFUN-D for sale CHEAP! nogaselectric
5 total nogaselectric 6 years 47 weeks ago
Dealer Deals "XB" Electric Bikes now with Longer Warranties ArcticFox
ArcticFox's picture
1 total Anonymous 9 years 7 weeks ago
Official Announcements 'mysite' working again Webmaster
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0 total Webmaster 9 years 10 weeks ago
Product Announcements **NEW** - XM-5000Li Coming in 3 weeks... jdh2550_1
jdh2550_1's picture
0 total jdh2550_1 8 years 17 weeks ago
Sell 08 Vectrix vx1 Jim Lowder
1 total israndy 35 weeks 3 days ago
Product Announcements 120V 10KW 13" hub motor for motor/scooter proempiet
8 total Mik 6 years 44 weeks ago
Sell 1971 Karmann Ghia conversion - soft top, white walls - 50 miles range reikiman
reikiman's picture
6 total LCJUTILA 2 years 1 day ago
Product Announcements 20/30C LiFePO4 cells - A123 alternative... maximusrc
6 total CaddyFanatic2 8 years 37 weeks ago
Sell 2007 Vectrix VX-1 dhawkin
0 total dhawkin 2 years 17 weeks ago
Sell 2007 VECTRIX VX-1 FOR SALE $1000 OBO / SELLING FOR PARTS / BATTERY DIED electric_boogie
electric_boogie's picture
0 total electric_boogie 1 year 15 weeks ago
Product Announcements 2009 Veken Hybrids - significant upgrades! HomelessOnWheels
HomelessOnWheels's picture
5 total warranty dude 7 years 36 weeks ago
Product Announcements 200w-500w-1000w3000W-5000w Brushless DC Hub Motor and controller for Electric Scooter/bike/motorcycle electric_motorc...
electric_motorcycle_china's picture
1 total electric_motorc... 6 years 43 weeks ago
Product Announcements 2012 BTN new catalog of electric bike kit Ebikeparts
Ebikeparts's picture
1 total Ebikeparts 4 years 46 weeks ago
Dealer Deals 3000 watt motor, 80v controller, 5 x 50ah VRLA, throttle, controller, wheels, all for $1999 rms401
1 total dnsteiner 7 years 31 weeks ago
Dealer Deals 3000W scooter from Efun for sale proton
proton's picture
1 total raynman75006 9 years 18 weeks ago
Dealer Deals 30v Battery Charger timothy112007
1 total andrew 9 years 5 days ago
Product Announcements 30v SLA battery charger timothy112007
0 total timothy112007 9 years 6 days ago
Dealer Deals 3500Li style unit proton
proton's picture
1 total garygid 8 years 13 weeks ago
Product Announcements 4 to 24-cell Battery Management System (BMS) chas_stevenson
chas_stevenson's picture
6 total high voltage an... 5 years 14 weeks ago
Dealer Deals 48v 1000w ebike 70Kph+ (40Mph+) FASTEST ebike edealsbargains
7 total JLGRAU 5 years 46 weeks ago
Product Announcements 48V 30AH LiFePo4 battery yesabattery
1 total reikiman 8 years 11 weeks ago
Product Announcements 5000W Electric Motorcycle wsbruce
14 total reikiman 8 years 32 weeks ago
Dealer Deals 50mph lead-acid in stock. Make me an offer. DanCar
0 total DanCar 9 years 7 weeks ago
Dealer Deals 55Ah cell group buy proton
proton's picture
0 total proton 8 years 16 weeks ago
Sell 60v 40ah lithium iron phosphate battery pack for sale Piers
1 total yugtcefrep 1 year 12 weeks ago
Dealer Deals 60V lead acid battery balancer BEQ-LA-5-100 in stock: $219 plus s+h jdh2550_1
jdh2550_1's picture
7 total jdh2550_1 8 years 27 weeks ago
Product Announcements 6kw Adult size E-ATV with 2 hub motor drive Mountain chen
8 total RedKing73 8 years 6 weeks ago
Dealer Deals 72V 1500W Controllers FOR SALE - UK VENDOR Zenid
Zenid's picture
4 total Zenid 6 years 1 week ago
Small electric scooters and pocket bikes, Product Announcements A More Powerful Battery For Go Motorboard stefanrahovean
stefanrahovean's picture
2 total stefanrahovean 5 years 13 weeks ago
Official Announcements Added support for external video and images Webmaster
Webmaster's picture
10 total Board Moderator 9 years 27 weeks ago
Official Announcements Additional toys for V is for Voltage chas_stevenson
chas_stevenson's picture
4 total chas_stevenson 9 years 28 weeks ago
Product Announcements Advancing style bms eva-michael
eva-michael's picture
3 total eva-michael 6 years 49 weeks ago
Product Announcements Aftermarket Technology Corp. Announces Supply Agreements With Three Customers for NuVinci (TM) CVP Technology chas_stevenson
chas_stevenson's picture
1 total davew 10 years 7 weeks ago
Dealer Deals Alliance Renewable Energy greenation
greenation's picture
25 total Galago 4 years 38 weeks ago
Product Announcements Announcement on power-assist from LifeBATT reikiman
reikiman's picture
0 total reikiman 9 years 2 hours ago
Product Announcements Announcing WikiPik - and proposing a place to organize our data greatguru
8 total greatguru 8 years 27 weeks ago
Official Announcements Anti-spammer measures -- re: Congratulations! You have joined a new role Webmaster
Webmaster's picture
1 total reikiman 4 years 19 weeks ago
Dealer Deals Anybody want to build a high end something or other? -- EV1 motor on eBay reikiman
reikiman's picture
0 total reikiman 5 years 25 weeks ago
Dealer Deals Anyone located in Albuquerque? DanCar
1 total ArcticFox 8 years 27 weeks ago
Dealer Deals Aotema Hub Motor Kit Sale $299 HighTekBikes
HighTekBikes's picture
0 total HighTekBikes 7 years 14 weeks ago
Product Announcements around 0.3MΩ inner resistance,the best LFP lithium battery from china CHL lithium battery
CHL lithium battery's picture
67 total China-huali lit... 3 years 48 weeks ago
Dealer Deals August Promotional Special on Lithium Cells lithiumstorage
lithiumstorage's picture
0 total lithiumstorage 5 years 33 weeks ago
Official Announcements Automatic comment subjects Webmaster
Webmaster's picture
1 total Gman 10 years 7 weeks ago
Dealer Deals B & B battery dealers e-commuter
e-commuter's picture
9 total e-commuter 6 years 50 weeks ago
Dealer Deals Bad Chinese selers to avoid Lessss
0 total Lessss 9 years 35 weeks ago
Product Announcements BattEQ 60 volt Equalizer NEW NovaScooters
1 total jdh2550_1 8 years 47 weeks ago
EV Technical Service batteries overheating bizybily
3 total bizybily 4 years 38 weeks ago
Product Announcements Battery Star-LiFePO4/Li-Polymer batteries Eric-kayobatery
8 total kevin smith 8 years 3 days ago
Product Announcements Best non Vectrix UK scooter ? caseyfinnigan
caseyfinnigan's picture
1 total caseyfinnigan 8 years 44 weeks ago
Product Announcements Bicycle wheel animations Jabari
Jabari's picture
0 total Jabari 9 years 36 weeks ago
Product Announcements Bike shop opening featuring Liberty Electric Bikes johny b
3 total johny b 8 years 37 weeks ago
Product Announcements Brand New XM-3000 - the XM-2000 Replacement jdh2550_1
jdh2550_1's picture
38 total dshupp 8 years 38 weeks ago
Dealer Deals BSZ: October Specials ArcticFox
ArcticFox's picture
0 total ArcticFox 8 years 24 weeks ago
Dealer Deals BSZ: Sale ArcticFox
ArcticFox's picture
1 total ArcticFox 8 years 20 weeks ago
EV Technical Service Charger 'Human power assist" type bikes drivingblindwv
drivingblindwv's picture
2 total drivingblindwv 8 years 46 weeks ago
Official Announcements Cleaned up a little of the forum Webmaster
Webmaster's picture
0 total Webmaster 9 years 12 weeks ago
Product Announcements COMING IN 2009 - A new maxi scooter from rEVolution Electric Vehicles jdh2550_1
jdh2550_1's picture
31 total DaveAK 7 years 52 weeks ago
Dealer Deals Commuter 3500 Controller for EVT Z and R bikes NovaScooters
0 total NovaScooters 9 years 2 weeks ago
Custom Builds Completely rebuilt and esthetically perfect Electric AC FZR LiFePO4 Garnet Red Sparkle Battery Array Hi-Power and A123! JordanRock
JordanRock's picture
0 total JordanRock 7 years 39 weeks ago


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