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Sold to Edward Heath of Conn. on 2 April 2011 ~ 1984 Chevrolet S-10,144 volt electric,4 speed clutchless transmission of the JDM design,SW200 contactor 2 each,new Master cylinder for manual brakes,PTFE added to rear end, Under bed battery box EV America design,3" Lift kit w/ Torrington CT steering rack installed,2 Michelin truck tires on rear load range D and 2 truck tires on front for it, Load range C,instrumentation volt meter ammeter, and E-meter,stock bench type seat, Hurst shifter for reverse boost for power is reduced via CPU for reverse.Ed called and said he sold it to a school in Conn.

2003 Tank converted to 60 volt 18 AH Yuasa batteries and newer Shenzhen PWM installed, 2008 Extreme scooter 60 volt XM-3000 Blue and black, New 2008 Extreme scooter 60 volt pack XM-3000 stock silver and black. The blue and black scooter converted to 18 Amp Hr battery pack to check range vs Amp Hr. The second bike, XM-3000 is still going but modified with 2 Meter Yaesu with throat mic and a larger trunk.
Now the old XM-3000 is modified to 72 volt with a 3500 Watt controller and batteries are 12200 and use 6 of them. I am going to stretch frame in the Spring to make it ride smoother. 2007 VX-1 Vectrix Green and totally stock. VIN=SZCAAGNUXSAA01761, 426 kg NO CYLS n/a Series or Model eMS ? Red 2007 Vectrix VX-1 Serial number VIN # SZCAARD45SAA00174 NO CYLS Model eMS totally stock.
I just got an old set of Lithium cells from Prius plug in conversion for my XM-3000. Now consist of 72 volt pack of 20 AH with new Lithium charger. Range is still up there an easy 20 to 21 miles. Cells are from Enginer of North Hampton MA
Still an expensive conversion for an old scooter. Now to order Lithium for my VX-1,I didn't know Lithium helps scooters? I thought Lithium was for crazy people? That means my scooters are crazy then?
I thought it was an VX-1 .,I purchased a new 2009 in Oct 2009 and XM-3100 black and put on extra charge port. Now 2 XM-3100's. Both modified for high speed charging so I can do 20 miles a day.
Other vehicles include Electrak E-16 and E-20 Ge Electrak's are converted to Curtis 1205 controllers and 48 volt pack. 1991 KIA 144 Volt Gel Cell pack with DCP 600. I got started with my first scooter which was an Aurenthentic orange 24 volt which I modified to SCR controller. Now I see those things again on eBay every so often. I just got my first rear wheel BLDC motor for my old Mtn bike. It will have a 15 speed pedal instead of the stock 21 speed and will have 1000 watt 48 volt LiFePO4 pack.~
~ Stolen ~ 1 each XM-3100 Serial # 5XWMHE0569N000048,BLACK ELECTRIC MOPED on 25 May 2010 off of Chevrolet Trailblazer.
The bike is modified for faster charging since 4 amp charger burned out.
Use of duo-diode (part #UFT14150A) allows for charging by fast
charge or with 2 slow chargers. Extra charge port is on fuel fill cover.
Both my XM3100's were modified. They were purchased through eBay.
Well I sold my last XM-3100 to WS3F.


Designing better charging scenarios. Getting away from linear chargers and using switched mode technology. Helping out in local EV clubs. NEEAA chapter. Give me a call some time and chat. I can always learn more about stuff.
Also, I got my "General" in October 2011 and going to try to do Mountain topping mobile on two wheel. Electrics tend to make too much QRM so in the fields we go. More than anything I am going to do PSK-125 on 2 meters but been doing PSK-31 on 10 meters USB. Using a Yaesu FT-897D and RIGblaster "Plug&Play" and HRD & FL Digi.
Now I am going to build a Honda CB-450 into an electric motorcycle using a wrecked 2007 VX-1 for power to be added to it. A new hobby is my newest play toy, a Kenwood & Yaesu 2 meter radio so give me a shout. I have Heathkit SB-104A and Linear SB-230 but it is collecting dust unless I get a place to use it. I also have a Kenwood TS-130SE and AT-250 tuner, Yaesu FT-2600M, Kenwood TM-V71A, Yaesu FT-897D and FT-270 HT. KB1UKU on Hamcall and QRZ. Updated 29 September 2012

Dracut , Massachusetts,01826
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