PowerCycle Merida PC 550 LTD

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Modified Merida PC 550 LTD

Watt-hours per mile: 
About 9.8
Typical range: 
18 Miles with lead... Estimated 30 Miles with A123 cells
Top speed: 
23 MPH with lead amd 4-speed transmission ... Estimated 30 MPH with A123 cells and 7-speed transmission

Converting to DeWalt batteries. New pictures soon.

Seating capacity: 
Bottom Bracket through a 4-speed Nexus Internally Geared Hub (lead configuration) Bottom Bracket through a 7-speed Nexus Internally Geared Hub (A123 configuration)
Number of wheels: 
Chinese Scooter controller 36-volt 25-Amp
Converting to 40-volt powersupply with onboard BMS for A123
6- 33-volt Dewalt packs (converted to 5P 12S A123 cells) 36-volts @ 11.5 AH
Southern Illinois
Method for 12v system: 
JW030C1-M DC-DC Power Module
Miles as an EV: 
All of them, About 450 Miles
LED Head Light,Tail Light and Brake Light
Curb weight: 
68 Lbs. estimate after conversion to DeWalt batteries
Conversion time and cost: 
Modification time 3 Days - Cost $135.00 USD Battery conversion $800.00 USD
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