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I need help with my charger. it keeps blinking red and green

Im looking for any info on the charging aspects of this scooter. Yes I am having a problem

S-350 (Sasha)

Hopefully going to be upgrading this schwinn s350 I bought from craigslist (and named her Sasha) just to zip around downtown from my free parking spot to work *15-20 leisurely walk*. Plus just to tinker around.

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(3) Stealth 1000

I have 3 Schwinn Stealth 1000s. The first one I bought has become a 60v 100amp beast. The second is a long distance and is fitted with a 48v 15ah Ping battery. The 3rd is completely stock and is for my girlfriend to ride. I'm getting her a 48v 15ah or 20ah Ping battery so she can ride with me. I also have a Schwinn S180 that I'm putting a 24v electric wheel chair motor on. It's massive and is going to be running on 48v 100amps, or more.

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