Self Converted Kawasaki 550

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Drill Bike - Kawasaki 550 converted to DeWalt 36 Volt and PMG motor

Watt-hours per mile: 
110 wh/mile
Typical range: 
10 miles
Top speed: 

Home page for Drill Bike
Converted this barn find 550 in 2009 - 2000+ miles on it so far. Added 4 more batteries in 2011 for extended range and a little more kick. Bike is a blast - slow off the line but kicks but between 25 and 45 mph (direct drive - no clutch, no gears). Only 230 lbs. Tricky paralleling the DeWalts but once balanced they stay balanced. The A123 batteries are a best kept secret - you can discharge them 100% and they charge up and ask for more. Over 200 charge cycles to 80-100% and they are still full capacity - no sag in range or voltage. Not much warning when they run out, though - you are blasting merrily along and then... nothing. Check out the discharge curves on the home page.

Home Page

Seating capacity: 
2 up
Direct drive - belt reduction to cross shaft to sprocket
PMG 132
Number of wheels: 
Alltrax AXE7234
700 watt home-made
16x36volt Dewalt (A123)
Method for 12v system: 
CUI DC-DC converter
Miles as an EV: 
2600miles as of fall 2012
Curb weight: 
Conversion time and cost: 
20 weekends - $3600
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