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Vehicle type and Maker: 0-24 volts Bicycle E-Bike (Lee Iacocca)
Conversion time and cost:
Stock - bought in basically new condition on craigslist for $200
Seating capacity:
No-Name SLA 12A 10AH
Internal hub 24V
Top speed:
=/- 11 MPH with motor (no pedaling)
Typical range:
maybe 4 miles with no pedaling on the flats
Number of Wheels:
Curb weight:
67 lb (0.5 dead whale)
Miles as an EV:
stock integral with bike
headlamb / tail light connected to brakes
Method for 12v system:
Watt-hours per mile:

This bike is the equivalent of a 1980 Vanagon Camper - underpowered, overweight, low performance, but with a mysterious cachet that draws a cult-like following. It looks like an old Honda 90, with about half of the gumption of my childhood friend's Honda 50 moped, and can barely get me back up the hill to my house in Seattle with a rented DVD for payload. But my daughter and wife think it's the cutest thing in the world, with its fire-engine-red plastic stylings, and my daughter wants to ride it instead of taking the bus,so I guess it's good for something. For myself, now that I've dragged the bottom of the Sea of Performance, I'm scheming about a converted full-suspension mountain bike with a 48V Crystalyte motor, maybe running at 72V powered by LiPo's, maybe like that of "Russ." All this said, everywhere I ride this thing, people over 60 want to chat me up about it.

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