KZ750 Conversion

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Watt-hours per mile: 
Typical range: 
10.5 miles
Top speed: 
65 mph, much faster capable with different gearing

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Unconventional aspects of this conversion:

● Horizontally opposed eteks wired in parallel
○ Coupling shaft drives sprocket

● Chain tensioner

● Batteries mounted horizontally opposed
○ Easy to access terminals

● Clutch cable routed to switch that deactivates main SW200 contactor.
○ Great safety feature to de-energize the bike very quickly.

● Fiberglass support for batteries, attached to frame w/fiberglass molded around frame tubes
○ Very simple and lightweight.

● Series/parallel switching of the batteries done with high-power Anderson connectors.
○ Switched in parallel for charging with one 12v smart charger.
○ Can charge from a car alternator w/jumper cables.

● All of the component are mounted by bolting to frame.
○ No drilling/welding was done to frame as existing mounting holes were used.
○ Can remove everything in a few hours.

Seating capacity: 
13T drive 72T driven #40 chain, Custom chain tensioner
(2) Eteks horizontally opposed in parallel at 72v
Number of wheels: 
400A Curtis, 1100 Amp Logisystems upgrade
Vector B&D 12v
(5) AGM 35ah 12v: EVP35-12
Rio Rancho, NM
Method for 12v system: 
Vicor DC-DC Converter
Miles as an EV: 
Stock (planned HID upgrade)
Curb weight: 
Conversion time and cost: 
3 yrs on and off, >$4.5k
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