Gem Car Parts & Up-Grades

This Park Brake switch is the factory switch that Gem/Polaris sells for $45.07 and I sell for $17.00 and it includes shipping to your door. Gem Part # 0306-00120
Small amount listed below and so much more on the website!

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Are you tired of paying the high prices for Gem/Polaris parts? Gem has been sold to Polaris and the price of parts has gone up 11% & more. You will find parts and prices that Polaris does not offer to you and nor will they at these PRICES! I have the same parts that Gem/Polaris sells for a whole lot less. Motor Controllers, 7.5 HP Motors, DC/DC Converters, Quick Charger and Differentials.
Parts at my price to you!
Gem/Polaris Price plus shipping My Price
0606-00421 DC/DC Converter $681.72 $410.00

0606-00678 Delta-Q Charger $579.70 + $200.00 core charge 1 yr warranty

New Quick Charger $550.00 & 3 yr warranty

7.5 HP Motor $750.00

Motor Controller $400.00 core charge without core $485.00 with core for T2,T3,T4 motor controller units. Only T2 controllers can be programmed to the up-grade of a 7.5 hp motor. All other motor controllers cannot be programmed for the up-grade.

0606-00277 T2 $930.00 plus shipping
0606-00410 T3 $890.00 plus shipping
0606-00628 T4 $890.00 plus shipping

0613-00582 Differential $885.00 $695.00
Differentials 10.35.1, 12.44.1 & 14.76.1 for the same price of $695.00
0613-00013 Half Shaft $245.68 1999 – 2004 $200.00
0613-00195 Inner Boot Kit $23.00 1999 - 2004 $19.00
0613-00196 Outer Boot Kit $23.00 1999 – 2004 $19.00

New Front Brake System for Gem Cars 1999 – 2004 Disc Brake System Kit This kit comes with everything you will need to change from shoes to disc and you will never have to change the front brakes ever again. $700.00 plus shipping.

Brake Drums for 1999 – 2004 $85.00 plus shipping
Brake Shoes for 1999 – 2004 $85.00 plus shipping Set of 4
Front Wheel Cylinders 1999 – 2004 $32.00 plus shipping
Rear Wheel Cylinders 1999 – 2004 $32.00 plus shipping
Brake Pads 2005-2012 $10.00 each Gem sells $15.95 each

To increase the speed to 40 mph on the gem cars. Change the motor to a 7.5 hp and change the tires to 14" aluminum rims & tires that factory and no spacers required.
0116-02479 14" Aluminum Rims & Tires Fits 4 pass & 2 pass el $950.00 shipped to you
0116-02480 14" Aluminum Rims & Tires Fits 6 pass & 2 pass elxd $950.00 shipped to you. Plus add the 7.5 hp motor for $785.00 shipped to you and get ready to go 40 mph.

Email me your questions on other parts you are looking for and I will email you back the prices of what it will cost you. I can send you a paypal invoice on any of the parts listed above at those great prices!

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